Camper Scholarships

April 2017

Dear Friends and Alumni,

            The snow is quickly melting and our thoughts are turned to summer with excitement. Wide games, trail rides, eating with friends, Bible lessons and of course Tuck are right around the corner. Many of you reading this letter have vivid memories of your summers here.

            Although as a non-profit charity we keep our camp rates at cost there are many children whose parents cannot afford to send them to camp. Our past and present policy is not to have money as a hindrance keeping them from the fun and growth you have enjoyed. We have historically tried to assist as many of these children as we could however this year we are taking on the challenge of sponsoring over 50 campers. We are asking if you would sponsor a child this summer. The cost per child per week is $300.00. Some of these children will have their lives changed for eternity.

            Today, we received an e-mail from a mother with three girls asking for help. We have sponsored them in the past. The mother was a victim of extreme domestic violence and with the father in prison is raising the girls on her own. Each girl as can be expected has deep psychological problems. Their social worker last year told us that the two weeks at camp were the highlight of their year and the only place they are truly happy. The social worker was very thankful for the love and kindness we showed to this broken family.

            If you are willing to help sponsor a child, simply follow the "Donate Now" link below and identify your gift as going towards camper scholarships. You can also send a check to the camp labeled "Camper scholarship fund". Any amount of money will help a child come to camp. Please pray with us for the hearts of the children coming this summer.

In Christ,

Greg and Pat MacWilliam                                                                                      Donate Now Through!