Login camper code

Login Camper code

If you have already created the camper, login your camper code to continue with registration. Your camper code is sent to your email, which consists of 10 characters (do not forget to enter the hyphen).

If you are registering a camper for the first time this year, click the `New Camper` button to enter their information.


After sucessfully logging in your camper code, you may now select one of the camps below and then select the session you wish to be registered for (remember in day camp to also select days):

Residential Camp Registration:

We have both two week and one camps available over a 6 week period during July & August:

Day Camp Registration:                     

We offer 6 weeks of Day Camp for two seperate age groups, our Junior Camp for ages 5 - 9 yrs old and our Senior Camp for ages 10 -16 yrs old

There is a 3 day minimum per week for all day camp registrations. Unused Day Camp days are non-transferrable between sessions

Winter Camp Registration:

We offer two weekend winter camps. Snow Camp in January for ages 15 yrs+ and Operation Deep Freeze in February for ages 9 - 14 yrs old.