Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding lessons are practiced worldwide and have been proven to provide significant health benefits, consistent with Parkside’s holistic focus on the physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being of our clients and community. These riding lessons are adapted to the needs of each individual and allow them to develop new skills in a sport, meet new people and create a bond with a non-judgmental animal. The program is extremely effective at helping individuals struggling with:

  • Learning difficulties
  • Relationship challenges (i.e. parent – child)
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Depression and / or anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Critical illness or cancer recovery
  • Physical rehabilitation (hippotherapy)
Michael Drew & Brigitte Drew


Parkside Ranch is blessed to have two CANTRA (Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association) certified therapeutic riding instructors

Brigitte Drew has an elementary teaching degree and teaches full time at a local school. In addition to her therapeutic riding certification, Brigitte is also a western riding instructor. Her horse knowledge, combined with her training for teaching children, makes her a very effective therapeutic riding instructor.

Michael Drew is the Executive Director of Parkside Ranch. Prior to coming to Parkside 10 years ago, Michael worked in Corporate Executive management and holds a CPA degree. He has enjoyed obtaining his certification as a therapeutic riding instructor to go along with his years as a horse owner. His best moments now are those spent sharing God’s love while giving therapeutic riding lessons to those in need within our community.


Compassionate – Competent

Any therapeutic riding program is highly dependent on network of qualified and compassionate volunteers. Parkside Ranch is fortunate to be in a region with a strong equestrian culture and is blessed to have a number of highly engaged and knowledgeable volunteers. Parkside provides all volunteers with on-site, hands-on training ensuring the highest level of safety, professionalism and skill.


Parkside Ranch’s therapeutic riding facilities include a double outdoor riding arena as well as a newly constructed 75’ x 200’ indoor riding arena. The indoor arena is fully insulated and heated which provides a pleasant and comfortable riding environment regardless of the time of year or weather outside. It is a unique facility for this region.



The vision behind the development of Parkside Ranch’s Turning Point equestrian centre is to evolve and widen the existing programs that have successfully helped provide healing and purpose to vulnerable members of our community. This is part of the foundational principal of Parkside Ranch to intentionally demonstrate practical expressions of God’s love. The therapeutic riding programs of the equestrian center will operate concurrently with but independently of Parkside Ranch’s traditional camping and event centre programming.